Our story begins with a Qatari designer and a VCU graduate named Mariam Almansouri. This exceptional visual artist founded the BOOM ART STUDIO in 2010 with a genuine mission.

The artistic and business vision was to create a unique and creative studio, which will combine local beauty with the latest technology and international artists in the best possible way.

​Thanks to its professional approach, flawless working ethics, and deep respect for the Qatari tradition and culture, BOOM ART STUDIO has been able to quickly build a respectable reputation and a well-known brand name. 
​In this part of the world, the word-of-mouth plays a decisive role for a business success. We’re extremely proud that our efforts are being recognized and unreserved commitment appreciated by the local community. In return, we’ve made sure that only the most experienced and skillful photography and video artists represent our studio.

Our clients hire our devoted professionals with a peace of mind knowing that their privacy is respected and culture honored. We always put cultural, religious, and traditional demands as our top priorities. Our job is to find an acceptable way for the latest technology to fit the traditional frame of your historical and cultural heritage.

In 2016, the BOOM ART STUDIO Team welcomed a new member of its artistic family – the BOOM PRODUCTIONS . The aim is to answer the growing demand of the corporate world with the same level of quality, professionalism, and commitment. We have every reason to believe that our business family will continue to grow in the future with the help of your support and trust.